Sacrificing privacy to get a loan

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DEAR BENNY: My husband and I recently applied for a home equity loan to help finance a new home we are building until we sell our current home. We applied at our local bank and it acknowledged that our home's value, which is fully paid for, is more than adequate to cover the amount we applied for. The bank also noted that we have excellent credit and sufficient monthly income to support the payments (which it verified through direct deposits). The bank requested a copy of our 2008 tax return, and I submitted pages 1 and 2 of our 1040. However, the bank said it also needs to see schedules B and D of our tax return. I questioned the bank on this, but the bank said it is a requirement. Is this standard practice, and is it lawful for the bank to check where our investments lie? It seems to be an invasion of privacy. --Joanne DEAR JOANNE: Your question touched a raw nerve with me, as I have been complaining about this practice for years. Actually, you may have been lucky: Many...