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Debating who’s No. 1

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"We are #1!! Now please make it stop"

A Twitter debate between Phoenix real estate broker Jay Thompson and Keller Williams Realty generated more than 50 comments to The Phoenix Real Estate Guy blog this week.

In his "We are #1!! Now please make it stop" post, Thompson expressed his annoyance about claims companies make about being "No. 1" or "the best" without substantiating them or saying why anyone should care. Thompson detailed how this particular debate started, complete with tweet screen shots: KW Careers said, "KW is the #1 RE Company on Twitter & Facebook," to which Thompson said, "Curious, #1 based on what metric?"

And the debate was off: KW Careers responded that the statistic was based on the number of followers the company had, including the followers of each of its associates. Despite back-and-forth tweets, according to the updated post, Keller Williams had not gotten back to Thompson with actual numbers.

"Not only is it wrong, but honestly, who cares and so what?" Thompson wrote. "Does being the #1 real estate company on Twitter mean a damn thing to the most important people for your brokerage — your clients? Last I checked, our sellers have one fundamental goal — to sell their home. Our buyers have one fundamental goal — to purchase a home that meets their needs. I don’t think they give a hoot how many Twitter followers our agents have …"

One local Phoenix area KW agent asked Thompson, "Aren’t there bigger causes/more productive things you could question or try to solve?"

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"Personally, I think a major RE brand making an apparently baseless claim IS a big deal. Your mileage may vary," he responded.

One anonymous commenter asked, "What’s your problem? Jealous? I’m a KW agent and I love them."

Comments to the post largely supported Thompson’s viewpoint, however: " Keep preachin’ it, brother!" one said.

"I’m a RE/MAX agent and yes, we have a bazillion agents and signs everywhere. Fact is, it’s up to ME to be a great agent. Having a bazillion agents with the same franchise brokerage doesn’t matter to my clients — all that matters is ME," commented San Antonio, Texas-based Matt Stigliano.

"We can debate who’s number one when all these folks stop losing their homes …" said Phoenix agent Kristin LaVanway.
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