Renters worry owner is in foreclosure

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Q: I just moved into a house I’m renting, and I think my landlord is in foreclosure. I’ve only been there three months, but all this mail is coming from her mortgage company — much more than just a monthly statement. Just last week, the bank sent certified letters, too, and we’ve started to get letters from a trustee company, although we haven’t opened any of them because they are addressed to the owner.

She’s never changed her address to wherever she’s living now, and when I ask her about it, she denies that she’s in foreclosure and just says the bank made a mistake. My wife and I both work in the real estate industry, so we know the drill and we feel like the landlady is insulting our intelligence — we were trying to offer to help her catch up, but we’re starting to suspect that this might have been her plan all along.