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"What makes you different from the other agents?" asked my would-be suitor. Now, I totally get this question. It is the "money question" and, to the home seller, the answer is of secondary import only to that other question. ("Will you do it for $12 and a goat, because I know this guy at the office who got his license last Tuesday and he owes me a favor ...") So, it shouldn't have come as a surprise to me. It shouldn't have been a surprise, except I had spent the previous hour at the kitchen table talking a very impressive blue streak about market trends, FHA loan guideline changes, mortgage-backed securities buybacks, and homebuyer tax credits. I talked about the future of interest rates, the pathetically sparse local inventory of homes for sale, and buyer wants and expectations from my feet-on-the-ground perspective. We talked about my company's customer service philosophy and our business model. We waxed philosophical about contracts, sta...