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ERA looks back to its roots

Company embarks on 'brand positioning' campaign

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When ERA Real Estate launched in 1971 as Electronic Realty Associates Inc., fax machines were considered bleeding-edge technology. And the company's use of fax machines was considered a key competitive advantage for its offices, which used the devices to share information across the country. Charlie Young, the former Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC chief operating officer who joined ERA Franchise Systems LLC in February 2009 and now serves as president and CEO, said one of the original ERA fax machines now rests in a glass case outside his office. And while the technologies in use by the company have evolved, its focus on innovation remains central to ERA, said Young. "We laugh today when we think about the (fax) machine. That fax machine really was one of the ... core components of the brand." He added, "If you talk to anybody who was here (at ERA) in the beginning, they will tell you ... 'I would receive referrals and ideas and information about what was goin...