Sump pump trumps water intrusion

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If you have problems with a wet basement or crawl space, you need to take care of all that water before it has a chance to cause structural damage, mold or any number of other nasty problems. For most situations, the best solution is the installation of a sump pump. A sump pump is a special type of automatic, float-activated submersible pump, designed for this specific purpose. They are relatively inexpensive and fairly easy for the do-it-yourselfer to install. Pick the right location The first consideration for the successful operation of a sump pump is selecting and preparing the right location. Since the purpose of the pump is to remove accumulated water, it makes sense that it should be located at the lowest level of the basement or crawlspace. This is usually easy to determine, as it's the area where the water naturally accumulates. You can look for either puddles of water or water stains on the dirt, concrete floor or stem walls, or on wood framing members. If none ...