Humanizing the home sale

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Q: My wife and I recently made an offer to buy our first house. It was pretty low, but only because we just can't afford to go as high as the asking price; we really love the place and think it's probably worth the price. Anyway, the sellers made a counteroffer and sent us an e-mail with their own explanation of how much they loved the house and the neighbors and the area, and telling us all about it. We already knew most of that stuff, but it was really put nicely and reminded us of how much we wanted to live in that area, so we increased our offer as much as we could. Are we crazy? A: Short answer: No, not crazy. Longer answer: Apparently you have discovered something that many other participants in the real estate market have forgotten: humanity. Yes, buying a home is a serious business transaction, with major financial implications for your household finances and on a macro level, the economy in general. It behooves you to make wise decisions on the money end of the dea...