7 home maintenance tips for spring

Wake your home from winter hibernation

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It's starting to warm up a bit and your home is coming out of its winter hibernation. Winter plays havoc on houses, and spring should be a time to toss on some shorts and take a walk around your house to get that spring chore list in order. Here are few additional areas to pay attention to: Decks Wood decks can take a real beating during the winter. Make a slow and thorough examination of deck boards, railings, posts, stairs and other structural members. Look for loose fasteners, cracks, dry rot, or other damage. Tighten or replace the bolts that hold the railings in place to ensure a sturdy railing system. Remove loose nails from decking boards -- hammering them back in won't do any good -- and replace them with weather-resistant decking screws that are made for that purpose. Use a screw that's longer than the original nail. Sprinklers Permanent, in-ground sprinklers are great, as long as they're properly adjusted. Run each set of sprinklers through a cycle, and watch ho...