The fight for condo transparency

Questionable practices fuel call to open up books

DEAR BENNY: I live in a 35-unit condominium complex. The homeowners association is incorporated and is led by a board of directors elected by the homeowners. I am concerned about the way the board of directors conducts the overall operation of the association. Many practices are in opposition to the bylaws, and some of the needs of the community are being neglected.

For example, we have not been given copies of the budget for the last three years, copies of the minutes of the last three quarterly meetings of the board of directors, a list of the names of the officers of the board who were elected last fall, and a list of the current owners/residents. Other information, which, according to the bylaws, should be available, has not been communicated to us.

I have written a letter listing my concerns and requesting information, and have given it to each board member who was elected in 2009. I have received none of the requested information nor have I received a response stating that my letter was received.