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I've been a little bored lately. And by bored, I don't mean unoccupied. Work has been vacillating between steady and overwhelmingly busy, and that's just the point. It has been feeling a little too much like "work" lately. Real estate has become a huge dichotomy, full of good news and bad, happy and sad, and professional satisfaction with a chaser of a whole lot of frustration. On the one hand, the job can be exhilarating. It is a wild ride, with every day, transaction and client representing a new surprise package of "I didn't see that one coming!" fun. One minute you are listing-less, and the next you have four appointments scheduled. You wake up one morning with no buyer-clients in sight, yet by dinnertime your dance card is full. Now you have a contract; now you don't, and virtually every transaction brings a wrinkle you have never before encountered -- it's a form of continuing education on steroids. A real estate career is a roller coaster, and ...