Not all buyers are worth a counteroffer

Top reasons sellers move on to the next bid

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After mustering the emotional energy to make an offer on a listing, it can be devastating if you hear nothing back from the seller. In most cases, if the offer isn't what the sellers are looking for, they will issue a counteroffer detailing the price and terms they can live with. When a seller doesn't respond at all to your offer, it's usually because the offer is so low that the seller thinks it's a waste of everyone's time. Ask your agent to talk to the listing agent to find out why the seller didn't counter your offer. Then, make another offer if you think the house warrants a higher price. If the sellers want too much for their house, take a breather. Let the listing sit on the market awhile before you make another offer. The risk of this approach is that another buyer could come into the picture who is willing to pay the sellers' price. Nothing is lost if you wouldn't have paid that price. Your agent should keep in touch with the listing agent during your wait-and-s...