Overcome fears of overpaying for real estate

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Q: My husband and I made an offer on our first home. We were bidding against two other offers, so we had to go above asking. Our agent told us what he thought we should offer, but we went in quite a bit below that, and we still got it! But now, the problem is that we're dealing with a trust issue. It's hard for us to just take his advice on things, knowing that if we had offered what he recommended, we would have overpaid for the house. Also, now I have doubts about the price we did offer -- I'm stressed out thinking that we paid too much for the place. I reviewed all the comparable homes I could find, and really thought the house would not appraise for what we agreed to pay for it. But the appraisal just came in at the exact price we paid. Is there something that our agent could have said or done to convince the appraiser to approve too high of a price? I've heard about that sort of thing. A: With respect to the trust issue, I hear where you're coming from and acknowle...