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7th association connects with calREDD

4 other associations on schedule to join

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See related articles: Another rocky launch for 'California MLS' Third MLS flips switch on calRED Brokers and agents of the Mariposa County Board of Realtors are officially connected to California's statewide multiple listing service, the California Association of Realtors announced Monday.The Mariposa County Realtor board has about 50 members. Mariposa County borders Yosemite National Park. The county association is the seventh in the state to deploy the calREDD MLS service, provided by CAR subsidiary California MLS Inc. In January, calREDD expected to have 11 associations online by the end of April, but has subsequently delayed some launches in order to deal with growth-related technical issues after it launched in four associations at the beginning of the year. The Yosemite Gateway Association is scheduled to connect to calREDD May 3 and three others are on schedule to launch by the end of August, CAR said. According to CAR, 68 local Realtor ...