Dotting i and crossing t in ‘tax credit’

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Q: How does one get information on what forms to fill out when buying a new home? It's my understanding that a form needs to be completed within seven days after the close of a property. I was eligible last year and did not know I needed a form to complete and submit for a certificate. So I have two questions: 1. Am I solely responsible to know the process, or does my agent have a responsibility to guide me through this? 2. Is there any way I can get this credit based on my purchase last year? I closed on March 15, 2009. A: Let me state up front that I'm assuming you are referring to the federal first-time homebuyer tax credit. The tax credit is a tax issue, and real estate agents are actually advisers on real estate issues, not tax issues. With everything in real estate, it is your responsibility to investigate and educate yourself regarding your rights and obligations, but many, many real estate agents do offer basic information about the various tax credits that ar...