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The right way to break the rules

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I will admit I am not much of a rule follower. There are some rules I must follow and I do. When I see a red light I stop, and I would never mess with an electrical outlet while standing on a wet sheet of metal, and I wear my seatbelt. Yet some rules just get in my way. I went on a short vacation and the whole point of it was to go someplace different and shoot some pictures. Out of all of the photos I took, the only ones I like are the shots I got when I was breaking the rules. The ideas come when the voice in my head goes away and my eyes take over and I trust my instincts. Rules can take the joy out of photography for me and turn it into work. When I disconnect my brain, something else takes over and if I am lucky I get a photo that is closer to spectacular than to ordinary. There is the whole tourist thing: When people travel they all take photos of the same subjects. Does the world really need another photo of Mount Rushmore? I have been places where the photographe...