Learn the 'new rules' of real estate

Book Review: 'Buy, Close, Move In!'

All of a sudden, real estate has gone from the "milquetoastiest" of finance topics to the most controversial, or nearly so. Every other person you meet has an opinion about what happened, how we got here, whose fault it is and what the future holds. This transformation, this sea change, has spawned a new sub-genre of real estate books: the "new rules" book.

Titles about new rules are, frankly, no longer new. But most treat the subject in a fairly academic way, which is no longer useful. To correct this problem, real estate journalist Ilyce Glink has authored a very consumer-friendly entry to the "new rules" genre: "Buy, Close, Move In! How to Navigate the New World of Real Estate — Safely and Profitably — and End Up with the Home of your Dreams."

Glink, a well-known journalist specializing in real estate, credit cards and personal finance matters, introduces the book with a breakdown of the digital transformation of real estate over the last 20 years or so — from the digitization of old-school multiple listing service printed books, which brought listing information to the people, to Craigslist.