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Turning a house dream into a dream house

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Sunny Shuptrine is one of those people who says she never dreams at night. Or, at least, she doesn't remember her dreams after she awakens. But she clearly recalls a dream she had one night in 1998, because it changed her life. Now Shuptrine, a deeply religious woman, hopes it will change the lives of women in her community. "It was in Technicolor -- very vivid," said Shuptrine, a Keller Williams agent in New Bern, N.C. "I was just walking through as Realtors do, looking at the floor plan." The home in the dream was a blue-frame "shotgun"-style two-story design, a style that's very common in her area. But upstairs, instead of just having two or three bedrooms, it also contained a bathroom and an unusual feature -- a second kitchen. When Shuptrine awoke, she decided the dream was a message from God. "He spoke to my heart and said, it's a maternity home," she said in a recent interview. "I knew how desperately the area needed a ...