Updated investment ‘bible’ offers sound advice

Book Review: 'Buy and Hold Forever'

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Book Review Title: "Buy and Hold Forever: How to Build Wealth for the 21st Century" Author: David Schumacher, Ph.D., and Steve Dexter Publisher: Schumacher Enterprises, revised 2010; 380 pages; $21.95 For this column I've reviewed more than one book exploring the new world and new rules of real estate, after the bubble. But in a number of ways, post-crash, everything old is new again. "New" developments like downpayment requirements and having to document your income to get a home loan are actually just a reinstatement of some age-old, fundamentally sound lending practices. And so it is with the fundamentally sound real estate investing practices explored and explained in this 10th anniversary revision of David Schumacher's classic real estate investment bible, completed posthumously by his longtime investing student, Steve Dexter. Schumacher's strategies run about 180 degrees from the "no-money-down, flip-this, that-and-the-other" house-...