Rising interest in loan paydowns

'Mortgage Professor' sees shift in borrowers' priorities

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"Has there been any significant change in the interests of your readers since the crisis?" I recently compared the Web pages that visitors to my website looked at in April, as compared to the pages they accessed in April 2006 just before the crisis. One of the most popular articles in 2006 was my tutorial on interest-only (IO), a mortgage option that allowed borrowers to avoid paying principal for 10 years. The IO was a popular way to increase the amount of house a buyer could afford -- usually against my advice. A large proportion of those who took IOs earlier now owe more than their houses are worth, and the price increment charged by lenders for the IO option today is much higher than it had been before the crisis. Not as many loan officers and mortgage brokers recommend IOs today, and not many of the visitors to my site today click on the IO pages. An article that is very popular today, much more so than in 2006, is on "lease-to-own." This is an ...