Synthetic decking gets bad rap

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Q: I am removing 20-year-old pressure-treated decking and would like to replace it with something else. I see where Home Depot is selling out all their Trex decking at a great price. After reading on the Internet about the red flags and lawsuits against the company that makes it, I am kind of leery of using it, with the mold and the black spots. What's your opinion on it? A: As I understand it, a homeowner who had problems with his decking filed suit against the manufacturer after the manufacturer provided only replacement material as part of the warranty claim, but no replacement labor. I have no way of knowing whether or not that's true, so I can't comment on that specific case. (Editor's note: Trex Co. Inc. announced on July 31 that it had settled a class-action lawsuit filed in California, in which two customers claimed their decks suffered from surface flaking and that Trex failed to provide adequate remedies. Trex said a manufacturing problem affected "a small perce...