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Something occurred to me this morning. I will never make it out of beta. That darn phone just won't stop ringing, and I've got work to do. It's the first week of a new month, and that means it's my own, personal triple witch. I've got the usual month-end stuff to contend with -- office bills to pay, errors and omissions insurance reports to log, files to close out, and all the other sexy things that go along with being a broker. The first week of the month also means I have a half-dozen different recurring ads to create and approve lest I miss the publication deadlines and slip back into agent anonymity and the soup line. Finally, the beginning of every week means I have to clean the house, because the housecleaner comes on Tuesdays, and we can't have her thinking we really live like this between visits. I have nightmares about her arriving one day to find us buried alive under an 80-pound pile of free comparative market analyses, custom brochures, market reports, Web ana...