Persistence pays off in hunt for vacation home

Permit problems teach valuable lesson

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For some unknown reason, I used to take some time leading up to Father's Day to visit and explore some possible places where kids would enjoy spending vacation time. I did this even before we had kids. Perhaps the reason was that June was finally here and warmer days were right around the corner. More likely, it was the pursuit of a summer experience that my dad gave to me and my siblings -- wonderful, lazy days for a week or two every year at a waterfront cabin. I thought about those explorations the other day when my sister and her husband were in town. She mentioned that I often write about second homes, but that there was no way she could ever afford one. She had seen some of the prices in her favorite getaway area and, despite the economy, still would not be able to swing it. "If you did the research, bought it right and rented it out when you were not using it, you might be surprised at what's possible," I said. "Besides, some sellers have to sell and a...