‘Boatable’ property prices weather storm

A new twist on vacant land investments

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I first heard the term "boatable" from a reader. He sent me an e-mail following up on a column I wrote about investing in vacant land. When I called him back and asked what he did, he said he worked for a company based in Idaho that built "boatable" developments. Generically, when one sees the word boatable defining a residential property, it means the home or development was built on a section of shoreline that can be accessed by boat, but there are regional differences in the interpretation of the word.Ocean-facing properties don't use the term, so if you see the word it generally means the development is an inland-type property -- usually on a river or lake. In some locations, such as the Upper Midwest, the definition is even more specific; the word refers only to a property that can be accessed by a boat with a motor. That's because, even if you have a ditch running beside your house, you could probably get a kayak to float on it and the term is n...