Vacation-home site hones in on buyer trends

NAR report highlights Web's growing role in serving niche markets

Nearly 30 years ago, our family purchased a small cabin on a mountain lake. The intent was to give our kids a few carefree memories in the sun, similar to the experiences I had every year on our family vacations as a youngster.

I realized early in my adult life that the fondest memories of my youth were of those summer days at a variety of rental cabins that surrounded a mile-high, lakeside village. While the life and times in the primary residence my parents owned for 46 years were memorable, they were not all as comfortably vivid as those times together at the lake.

As people came to visit for lazy days of swimming, sailing and water skiing, we often heard from the guests: "We should have bought something like this years ago … let us know if you ever think about selling."