5 Gen Y housing trends to watch

Real estate preferences more 'traditional' than expected

For so long, everything in housing has been Baby Boom, Baby Boom, Baby Boom. There are so many of them — about 76 million, born between 1946-64 — and their spending habits so influential that for years they’ve driven the decision-making process at all levels of the housing world.

The successor demographic, dubbed Generation X, has started to be heard. But a California real estate consulting firm is looking further down the road, and charting the housing preferences of Generation Y, sometimes called the Echo Boomers or Millennials.

They’re going to be influential — though maybe for what they’re not going to do rather than what they will do, according to Tim Cornwell, a researcher for the Concord Group, a housing consultancy in San Francisco that in the past year has been studying their housing attitudes.