Lender liable for more than just attorney's fees

Law of the Land

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In Grove v. Wells Fargo, the lender ("Wells") reported to the credit bureaus that Kenneth Grove was behind on his car loan payments. Grove disputed that his payments were delinquent, and requested that Wells correct the inaccurate marks on his credit reports. When Wells refused, Grove filed a lawsuit against Wells under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

After a court-ordered mediation, depositions and document production, Wells and Grove agreed upon a settlement. The settlement was rendered a stipulated judgment, whereby Wells would instruct the credit bureaus to delete the disputed delinquency reports, would pay Grove $20,000 and "plus [Grove’s] costs incurred to date and recoverable attorney’s fees." The judgment also deemed Grove the prevailing party, and allowed Grove to request fees and costs via filing a motion, which Wells could contest only as to the amount of the fees and costs to be covered.