Save money restoring fixtures

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Q: We installed a pedestal sink about 10 years ago. In the last year or two it has developed hairline cracks. Most are around the drain, but there are also some on the back edge where the sink turns vertical. Is there anything I can do to stop them, and how can the sink be repaired? A: In the mid-1980s, when Kevin gutted his 1879 Victorian in Alameda, Calif., he decided to convert an undersized third bedroom into a period bathroom. He did make one concession to modern convenience by installing a shower. The rest of the fixtures were antique, including a claw-foot tub, a two-piece chain-pull toilet and a pedestal sink. Being ever frugal, Kevin hit the recycling yards. Kevin prefers to think of this as being "green" before his time. He picked up the sink and toilet for a song. But the real deal was the tub. A neighbor had it sitting in his backyard. Kevin asked for it and got it. All he had to do was haul it away. The sink and toilet were rough as a cob. Both had en...