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3 reasons to stay inside the box

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Author's note: Reader Warning: This column contains information and suggestions that might make some uncomfortable. It is highly suggestive on whether the "think outside the box" mentality is just an excuse for not doing what should be done inside the box.This simple mindset test will help you decide if you need to or should read further. Answer "True" or "False" to the below statements. (If you answer "True" to even one statement, this column applies to you.) You think or have even said that 'buyers are liars." True FalseYou are always busy, but seldom productive. True FalseYou believe as you are reminded every day that you need to think "outside the box." True False 1. Are buyers liars, or could it be that you, God forbid, are not a good qualifier? Be honest. Do you have any idea how much it has cost you in the past because you did a poor job of qualifying the buyer? True story: A retired couple tells Agent A they...