A litmus test for real estate skeptics

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Homeowners, buyers and sellers have always been skeptical of real estate professionals. I'm certain this has something to do with the fact that real estate agents are perceived as making huge amounts of money, for what consumers see as little work.(Hah!) It also arises out of the understandable skepticism of any professional adviser whose pay is 100 percent commission-based, meaning that if you don't buy, they don't get paid. This sets up a situation in which incentives seem to be structured around what's in the agent's best interests, even to the exclusion of the clients. For the record, things are not always what they seem, in this respect -- many a real estate agent is more concerned with their long-term professional reputation and earning the trust and lifelong business of their clients than they are with selling any particular home to any particular client at any particular time.Trashing a client's interests for a single commission is, as any agent who's been in the ...