Real estate’s 5 stages of underwater grief

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Most of us equate grieving with the emotional process that follows a death of a loved one. In fact, to grieve is to mourn and process any grave loss.At this stage in the game, the average American has lost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of the value of their home, with 25 percent having lost so much that they now owe more than their home is worth, according to the Wall Street Journal.I've been both an observer (in some cases) and participant (in others) in the evolution of this grief throughout this recent market decline, as it has played out in the lives of those around me and in the trending topics I'm asked to weigh in on online. And it struck me recently that what I've been observing can perhaps be best understood and analyzed in the rubric provided by the five stages of grief, first articulated by Elizabeth K├╝bler-Ross, author of the seminal work, "On Death and Dying." Originally, these were intended to apply to help understand the human e...