Rental standoff over broken refrigerator

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Q: I rent an apartment and my refrigerator recently stopped working. I called my landlord who came by and confirmed that it doesn't work. The landlord told us that now we have to pay for the new one because it's our fault.The landlord bought the refrigerator in 2003 and it has a warranty of only five years. We have been living in her apartment for five years, but she bought the refrigerator seven years ago. Who pays for the new refrigerator? She wants us to pay for the new one or else move out of her apartment. A: I think there are several comments I can offer. Typically the landlord is responsible for repairing or replacing the refrigerator if the appliance was included in the amenities when you rented the apartment. The situation you describe raises a lot of questions. First, I wonder about the ability of the landlord to determine that the refrigerator cannot be fixed and must be replaced. Unless the landlord is an experienced appliance repairperson, I would question how...