'Cash for keys' can buy time for senior

REThink Real Estate

Q: My husband of six years divorced me in 2008. He left me after we spent all my money (of course, he had none when we got married). I am 76 years old, and had my own real estate brokerage business since the 1970s. I left my business to help him in his used-car business. As well, I owned two homes free and clear, which I gave up because he wanted us to live in different homes.

I lost my home, which I’d owned since 2004, to the bank today. Is there anything I can do? Is there a time frame in which I have to pack and move? Is it possible to rent the home back from the bank? Are there any new laws that might help me?

I am in a quandary and money is extremely short, as I haven’t worked — other than in his business — in two years. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. –"Rosie" (name and other identifying information have been changed)