Weighing real estate loves vs. needs

Mood of the Market

I’ve moved three times in the last 10 years — almost exactly every three years. Each time, I moved between homes of my own, each of which was very different from its predecessor.

I went from a bay-view rancher in the (overly) quiet suburban hills to a 1916 Colonial with massive, boxy, formal rooms smack dab in the center of town and, most recently, to a mid-century home on a quarter-acre located in the wooded hills, but a few minutes’ walk from the best shopping in town, the subway and freeway onramp. (I don’t actually walk onto the onramp, to be clear. I just like that it’s really close by.)

From my last house to this one was a pretty significant downsize — 1,000 square feet, almost exactly. The move, which (surprisingly) turned out to be a move in the right direction in every way, engendered a whole lot of decision-making about what could come and what had to be eliminated, in terms of household stuff.