Driveway dispute leads to lawsuit

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The Snead family owned a farm property in Fredericksburg, Va. In 1994, the family conveyed a parcel of their property to the Industrial Development Authority of Fredericksburg (IDA). The parcel transfer reserved a 20-year-old easement to the Snead family for ingress and egress across the northernmost 60 feet of the parcel, for purposes of accessing the Snead family land. In 2004, the IDA transferred four acres of the parcel that had been conveyed by the Sneads to C&S Properties and Sylvia Properties, including the portion across which the Snead access easement ran. The IDA transfer documents expressly rendered the transferee's ownership, subject to the easement rights of the Snead family. C&S Properties constructed a fence and installed a pile of riprap material within the boundaries of the easement, forcing the Snead family to use alternative, disruptive means of getting sewage pumping vehicles to their property, and eliminating two-way traffic access across the e...