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Buyers who won’t buy, sellers who won’t sell

Realtor Notebook

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I had no closings during the month of July. There -- I said it publicly. I was supposed to have one, but the deal fell apart shortly before the closing. One isn't enough, but it is still better than the zero dollars and zero cents that I brought in. My lack of production makes me want to apologize to the universe for taking up space and using valuable oxygen. There are some closings on my calendar and that takes a little of the pain away. "Commission breath" happens when we want or need a sale so badly that it shows. Our clients can sense it. Our desire to bring in some money can cause us to make some poor choices or to come on too strong when dealing with clients and potential clients. Our buyers and sellers are the people who are spending the money, and this is about them -- not about us. We cannot let the desire for a check affect our relationships with our clients, and we cannot let it get in the way of acting in their best interests. That is our code and ...