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More than once lately, Sabina Shnapek Kroes and Katrina Hish have been asked, "Are you crazy?" -- or words to that effect. But the two insist they're perfectly sane -- and that, to the contrary, their timing is astute. Both have become licensed real estate agents within the past month, and they insist this is a great time to enter the field, despite the occasional puzzled reaction their news elicits. They agree that the immediate prospects for the real estate business as a whole aren't exactly go-go-go, and they acknowledge that the recession has driven many agents out the door. But apparently the ranks of the departed are being replenished. Debbie Campagnola, CEO for the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials in Littleton, Colo., says the number of real estate license holders has remained surprisingly steady in the past few years, with a regular inflow of new faces. Her organization estimated in January there were about 3 million real estate licensees ...