2 options for selling occupied rental

Marketing to investors vs. current tenants

Q: I have a rental condo that I want to sell due to some financial issues and I could really use the money. My tenants have had three one-year leases and asked that I give them a new two-year lease because they say they love my rental condo. Because I was unsure of my finances, I let their current lease expire so that they now are on a month-to-month rental agreement. My understanding of our state law is that I am simply required to give them a minimum of 60 days’ written notice to terminate their tenancy. Can I give them 60-day notice and then have the unit vacant for selling?

A: Yes, you can give them the required notice to vacate. In some areas you may be required to give the tenants a reason for the termination of the tenancy. Even if not required, I think it would be a good idea, as the tenants deserve to know your reasoning.