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Editor's note: The following is a guest Q-and-A format tech column. By STUART ROBBINS Q: Are there ways that the independent Realtor with a limited marketing budget can get the same breadth of exposure that the large corporate real estate companies get? Are there more efficient ways that the small guy can compete? --Chuck, Palo Alto, Calif. A: For most businesses, the Internet is the great equalizer. A well-designed website by an individual can draw as much attention as those sponsored by large companies. The real question may be whether you want or need to draw that much attention: as with any technology solution, success depends upon accurately identifying your target audience (do you really need responses from the United Kingdom?) and delivering value to that audience. You can launch your company's Web presence at a very modest cost and improve it over time by responding to customer feedback. One way to launch a preliminary website is to take advantage of free or mod...