Real estate middlemen and women

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Dean Graziosi is one of those "experts" who makes a living selling real estate books, real estate CDs and other programs explaining how you can make money in real estate by following his advice. If everything were that easy, I guess we all would be rich. As you can imagine, I don't have much patience for so-called gurus, as everything about them seems a bit incredulous. Graziosi claims he's a multimillionaire and a best-selling author.Like me, he lives in the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix metro area) and I thought I would make contact. So, I gave a phone call to his public relations team and a few days later he and I were chatting.Graziosi definitely has a winning personality, which probably is why he makes such a believable guru. And he really came off as a nice fellow.There was an interesting item in our discussion that caught my ear: He had noticed through his various forums a large uptick in women getting involved in real estate. Of course, there are probably a mi...