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Book Review: 'Managing Your Career in Tough Times'

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Book Review Title: "Harvard Business Review on Managing Your Career in Tough Times" Authors: Various Publisher: Harvard Business Press, 2010; 192 pages; $22 I don't normally review "job" books. Real estate and person finance tend to define the boundaries of my book review wheelhouse. But after poring over all the astonishingly negative real estate data that came out a couple of weeks ago (15-year-low monthly existing-home sales rate! 11-year-high inventory! lowest rate of new-home sales since -- wait for it -- 1963!!), I've become increasingly convinced that the fortunes of the job market and the real estate market are inextricably intertwined. And, like the housing market, I've seen the recent job market drama and trauma so up close and personal I can no longer pooh-pooh unemployment reports as overblown, or simply not applicable to people like me. I know attorneys who are out of work, among many other educated, professional, did-it-all-right folks...