Top reasons condo buyers aren't biting

Home Sale Hindsight

Q: Why is it that Realtors want to list my condo for a lot less than I want to list it for? I tried listing it on Craigslist and the local shoppers’ guide myself, but there aren’t any lookers. Seventeen of the 69 units in my complex are for sale. I just wonder what’s happening. Should I "give it away" or just be patient? The unit looks great, is in a great summer place location, and just no buyers. Any suggestions? –L., North San Diego County, Calif.

A: In many ways, you’ve answered your own initial question of why brokers and agents are encouraging you to list your home at a lower sale price than you’d like. Real estate professionals have a vested interest in listing your home at a price that renders it more likely to actually sell; they will be investing their own time and money into marketing the place and, in most cases, won’t get a cent unless and until the place sells.