Winning ‘open house’ strategies

Tips to avoid overexposure to the market

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Public open houses have been a mainstay of the home-sale market for decades. During the peak market years, buyers often wandered through an open house and bought it, even though they had no intention of buying. Impulsive homebuying is rare today. Open houses can still be used effectively to draw prospective buyers to your home. To eliminate open houses from your marketing strategy because you find them inconvenient or risky could be a mistake.On the other hand, you can overuse open houses and generate a negative image about your home. Too many open houses can cause the listing to become shopworn. Some sellers have homes that are not prime candidates for open houses. These are usually high-end properties that might be vulnerable to theft. They should be shown to qualified prospective buyers by appointment only. Most listings do not fall into this category, although all sellers should keep valuables out of sight while their homes are on the market. HOUSE HUNTING TIPS: For most...