Regaining financial consciousness

Mood of the Market

In the last week or so, I saw two films that inspired and evoked the crystallization of some concepts that had previously been very loosely percolating in my head about this economic and financial crisis in which our beautiful nation still finds itself embroiled.

First, I watched Demi Moore, David Duchovny and their faux family be implanted in a town by an ad agency that had elevated the stimulation of luxury goods lust to a science in "The Joneses." The tagline? "They’re not just living the American Dream, they’re selling it."

Then, last night I went to see the sequel to "Wall Street," at long last. The tagline? "Money never sleeps." In addition to the fact that I was fascinated by the first one, a little birdie who had screened the second one had told me it was heavy on the real estate intersections, and it didn’t disappoint.