Escape from 'money autopilot'

Mood of the Market

We’re now on week 3 of a foray into changing our money consciousness, collectively. Last week, we explored what it would look like to let go of our pattern of money immaturity, and grow up in our money matters. After dealing with our financial immaturity, though, there is another shift we need to make: from unconscious to conscious.

Many Americans largely operate unconsciously, when it comes to money. We’ve checked out, flipped the autopilot switch, and are simply humming along, buying stuff, spending, procrastinating on getting financially organized and swiping that debit card until we can buy/spend/delay/swipe no more.

When my kids were young and wanted to buy something in the store, I’d say, "Guys, that’s too much to spend on X." Their evergreen response? "Write a check, Mom — just write a check!"