Divorcees get tax break on home sale

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DEAR BENNY: My husband and I have a house entitled in joint tenancy, and I am filing a divorce. I left our house about two months ago. In less than two years my spouse will retire and that will give him time to sell the house.For his convenience, I am planning to have as part of the divorce decree that the house be sold in no later than two years. My spouse can afford to pay the mortgage if he wants to stay through that period of time. We have no kids from our marriage, but I have two grown-up, married kids on their own already. Will that be acceptable to the mortgage lender? Will this be a disadvantage to me? I am sorry if this last question is one that I should direct to a divorce attorney. --C.S. DEAR C.S.: By all means, you have retained legal counsel and the specific advice you need should come from him or her. You have raised two questions: (1) Will the mortgage lender have any problems with your proposal? The short answer is no. So long as your ex-husband pays the m...