Spam comments make us all look bad

Realtor Notebook

Are you using other people’s business blogs to advertise your own business? Realtors are getting quite the reputation for doing just that. It is called comment spam, and bloggers don’t like it.

A friend of mine recently referred to the practice as poaching someone else’s space, and I think that is a great definition.

A couple of weeks ago I left a comment on a local home seller’s blog. I rarely leave comments on blog posts, but he asked a question in his post that I had an answer for. Shortly after I left the comment I got an irate e-mail from him stating that he will not publish my advertising on his blog.

He later read my comment and looked at my blog and apologized for sending the first note. He has the same problem with his blog that I have with mine. Realtors use the comment section for blatant self-promotion. We ended up having an interesting e-mail discussion on how to handle spam comments.