Awaken from financial trance

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One essential evolutionary step in Americans' money consciousness will be to stop checking out, falling asleep, tuning out and turning off when it comes to everything from financial, retirement and estate planning; to monitoring and managing our income and -- especially -- our expenses. Step one of this awakening is to rethink or totally eliminate some of the latent money beliefs we have that cause us to check all the way out. In previous columns we've discussed how many of these beliefs, like "My kids are spending me into the poorhouse," or "My creditors are hateful vultures" simply fall apart under scrutiny, using a series of questions and belief "turnarounds" that are detailed by self-help author Byron Katie. What still remains, though, is to understand what it would be -- what it would look like, if you will, to take a conscious approach to our personal finances. Fortunately, someone has already done this. Financial therap...