Poking holes in seller's disclosure

Silence on sewage spills a red flag for buyer

DEAR BARRY: I recently bought a condo in a multistory building. After moving in, I learned that there have been three major sewage leaks in my unit in the past nine months. Each time, a sewage pipe burst, causing the unit to fill with waste. The seller’s disclosure statement says there have never been any issues with the plumbing.

The owners association has no detailed information about the problem, and all evidence of past damage has been repaired. I feel as if it is only a matter of time before it happens again. What options do I have? –Aaron

DEAR AARON: Before assessing your options, you need to know the causes and the extent of the plumbing problem. The first step, if possible, is to get the name of the plumber who addressed the sewage backups. Contact that company and find out why those backups occurred.