8 loan servicing gripes

These predatory practices affect more borrowers than 'robo-signing'

All 50 state attorneys general are now involved in investigating procedural deficiencies in the mortgage foreclosure process. While these deficiencies are inexcusable, the attention they are getting from regulators and the media is disproportionate to the offense. I have yet to see a documented case of a borrower who was foreclosed because of procedural snafus who should not have been foreclosed, though the courts may soon be clogged with claims from borrowers who want their houses back because the process through which they lost them was legally flawed. Any injustices done to borrowers, furthermore, have been inadvertent rather than deliberate. Public outrage against mortgage servicers should be directed at their predatory practices, which adversely affect millions of borrowers rather than a possible handful, and which are deliberate and premeditated. Here is a partial list.1. Incomplete and incomprehensible statements: There is no law or regulation that requires servicer...