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Book Review Title: "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Great Recession" Author: Tom Gorman Publisher: Alpha, 2010; 352 pages; $19.95 Sometimes I wonder if I've simply read enough about the recession. Fact is, we've all lived it. Depending on your perspective, you might feel we're still living it. And this recession, which seems destined to go down in history as The Great Recession, happened to coincide with (or contribute to) massive transformations in the media and publishing industries, from offline to online, from newspaper-centric to Web-based.As a result, if you have been able to escape articles and opinion pieces on the recession, you should thank your lucky stars, friend. I, for one, seem to be bombarded by them by the dozens, on a daily basis. And the book world is no different; I've read and reviewed shelves full of books on the economic and behavioral and corporate and political roots of the recession -- mostly with an academic slant, and more shel...